Congenica enables Veritas Intercontinental to improve diagnostic yield, increase efficiency, throughput and speed of analysis.

Scaling a genomic diagnostic laboratory from handling NGS panels to exomes and genomes involves overcoming a number of data, analysis and interpretation challenges.

 Veritas Intercontinental started offering a new exome analysis service for patients with a complex medical history or clinical symptoms suggestive of a genetic disease. The company quickly recognized it needed to scale its data analysis and interpretation capabilities and following a thorough analysis of the professional solutions on offer, Veritas turned to Congenica for support.

Find out how the use of the Congenica platform has:

  • Enabled Veritas to scale from panel to whole exome analysis
  • Helped Veritas to significantly increase its percentage of molecular diagnoses
  • Saved an average of 95% of interpretation time for complex rare and inherited disease cases.