Enabling Genomic Medicine (EGM) 2021:

Best practice in genomic analysis


Date: Wednesday, 13th October 
Time: 13:30 - 17:30 (BST)

Join global experts at the forefront of precision medicine for this virtual event, EGM 2021. Talks will cover the latest innovations and best practices in genomics to enable routine clinical care, diagnosis, and treatment. 

Confirmed speakers include:  



Richard Durbin PhD, Informatics Director at Congenica and Professor of Genetics at the University of Cambridge

Chris Wigley_crop  

Chris Wigley, CEO Genomics England

  norman delanty  

Professor Norman Delanty, FRCPI, expert in Neurological Diseases, Epilepsy, and Epilepsy Genomics

Nick Lench, Chief Scientific Officer, Congenica  

Nick Lench PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, Congenica


More speakers to be added soon, including:

  • Congenica customers from around the globe

  • Experts from across Congenica's multi-disciplinary team


Speakers will be announced on this page and via our social media channels.

About EGM 2021


Demand for genomic testing is increasing, driven by greater accessibility and falling sequencing costs. Whether working on routine or complex cases, genomic analysts are struggling to keep up with the extra case load. In fact, a recent survey of Clinical Laboratories identified that 71% are at, or approaching, capacity. ​​

To meet the increased demand while continuing to provide high quality services for rare disease patients - and wider afield as the demand for genomic testing becomes more ‘mainstream’ - standardized tools to support variant interpretation are needed. ​

Automating standard analysis of cases, including analysis of variants and genes not previously encountered, enables clinicians to rapidly generate high quality, relevant results. While routine cases benefit, the impact is even greater for complex rare disease cases that can otherwise take up to 11 hours to interpret – even though 70% of causal variants recur in multiple patients. ​

Join us at Enabling Genomic Medicine to hear from clinicians around the world who are successfully delivering genomic medicine services, from the rollout of national programmes to testing within private clinics. You’ll also hear from leading experts in the world of genomics and rare disease, who are coming together for this special event to share their experiences and perspectives.


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